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We work for you!

Do you want to spotlight your company, product, service or people in the media? Are you an author who needs help promoting your book, getting press and interviews or securing broader distribution? Are you looking for a smart public relations program that gets results? Call us at 703-431-7895! We can help you. We make things happen!

Books. Film. Fine Artists. Music. Promotion. Business Approach to the Creative Universe.

Frazier Public Relations Services:

Publicity to include radio, television, print interviews and book tours. Media campaigns designed to drive book sales and enhance the author or book's profile. Will also work with writers to obtain an agent or publisher. 

We have been very successful at securing film option agreements for client books and manuscripts. 14 separate projects represented by Frazier Public Relations have been turned into finalized film options for our client's work in the past 18 months.

Frazier Public Relations Inc. is a full-service consulting firm that provides expertise in advertising, marketing and public relations. We work with clients who want to stand out from the competition and charge ahead of the pack.

Building Relationships with Clients

Frazier Public Relations believes in building long-term relationships with clients and working in collaboration with them as partners. We believe in our motto “We Work For You” - we want clients to feel as if Frazier Public Relations is their own internal advertising, marketing and public relations arm. Frazier Public Relations prides itself on really listening to clients and providing them with customized services to suit their needs. 

Core Competencies

Understanding is one thing. Making it happen is quite another. Frazier Public Relations Inc., a full service advertising, marketing and public relations services firm, understands and makes it happen. Our mantra, We work for you, combined with enthusiasm, experience and talent incorporate all the critical campaign elements essential to produce proven results for you--increased revenue, acclaimed branding image and heightened media presence. 

Marketing Services

Frazier Public Relations specializes in providing marketing support and services for clients in leading-edge companies. We understand the competitive environment in which client companies operate and can advise on how to attract new business, promote and differentiate their company to stand out from the crowd, reach targeted audiences to help them build their client base, and best position their company for success in the marketplace. At Frazier Public Relations, we deliver tangible solutions that can be measured over time.

Public Relations Services

Frazier Public Relations provides the know-how and the contacts to get organizations in the media spotlight. Frazier Public Relations' word smiths continually underscore branding image and work with designers and marketing specialists to bring depth and clarity to the message clients want to convey. 

Book promotion. We apply the same diligent and process-oriented approach that has worked so well for creative high tech companies to get results for our literary clients. Are you looking for an agent? Are you looking for film options for your book? Do you want to use your book to create greater visibility for your business? We can help you.


Frazier Public Relations provides advertising, marketing, and public relations support and services. We have developed imaginative and effective campaigns to promote corporate image, to gain media exposure, and to attract prospective clients, with the result of increasing company growth and revenues.

Clients are growing with Frazier Public Relations. Frazier Public Relations appreciates the uniqueness of each client and tailors solutions and services to each client’s specifications, while providing fresh, creative and results-oriented alternatives. 

From startups to established businesses to international, multi-tier corporations--all businesses need visibility, a way to stand out from the competition, and a way to get their message out to targeted audiences. So to help advance your business and stay ahead of the competition, give Frazier Public Relations a call. We know how to get results—let us get them for you. Together we will be a winning team.

Call us today at 703-431-7895.

Here's what clients and colleagues say about Sherry Secher-Jensen Frazier:

Tom Bleakley, writer

"Sherry has been involved in the publication and promotion of my recent novel "Serenity" and has been helpful in too many ways to detail in this brief space. Sherry is organized, thoughtful and knowledgeable about how, what, where, and when an author/writer should promote a work. Her contacts in the industry have proven to be very valuable in jump-starting my (late blooming) career as a writer. At all times, she has been personable, positive and supportive and I would recommend her services to any writer who is looking for marketing services.”

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Joel Franco, Producer, Chesapeake Films

 "Sherry Frazier makes things happen. She flies under the radar and gets things done with very high profile movers and shakers because of her wonderful ability to represent an author's story in a way that makes business and creative sense to a film maker. Sherry Frazier is one of the most creative people I have ever met but she also has a great business mind and she always considers what I am looking for before she presents an idea to me. She doesn't waste time and she gets results. I have worked with her on several projects and always value her input. I feel as though I can trust this woman with my life and my business and often do just that. I highly recommend Sherry Frazier for her integrity, intelligence, business acumen, and creative direction. I also trust her to honor my need in many cases to work in the background without making noise because sometimes I have projects that I don't want to publicize until just the right moment. Sherry Frazier is a loyal and trusted advisor and I hope to be working with her for a long time." 

Susan Ouellette, Fiction writer

Susan says our Top qualities are: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Sherry secured two film option contracts for both my novels. She's persistent, knowledgeable, very well connected, and highly respected in the film and literary industries.” 

Joel Franco, Producer/Director, Chesapeake Films, LLC

“Sherry is incredible at understanding your goals and what your plans are for the immediate and for the future, and to do everything in her power to take you there. She is focused and driven you will be amazed at how much is accomplished and how quickly. She works tirelessly and gives her all everyday. One of her most amazing qualities is that she will push you farther than you ever dreamt and will never lie to you. She will always do what is best for your company. Sherry is an amazing partner and hope to work with her for years to come.”

Charles Long, Writer, Artist

Charles says Frazier Public Relations' Top qualities are: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

“Sherry proved to be tireless when I was doing a book reading tour in Washington State. She has been out front in recognizing work opportunities and has been an out-spoken admirer of my art and writing talents. She has gone out of her way to introduce my work to various high level talent and championed projects that I am working on. Finally, she has opened my mind to other opportunities that are open to me.” 

Brenda Medlin, Owner, BreMed Facilities Support

“Sherry is an extremely dedicated marketing manager. She gives 100% of herself to her customers. She is extremely creative. Her integrity is unquestionable and I do not hesitate to recommend her.”

Rhoda Wheeler

“Sherry is one of the most forward-thinking women in PR today! She is clever, thorough, diligent, and always over-delivers.”

Nikki Davis, Regional Manager, Consumer communications, Smith & Nephew, Inc.

“Sherry was hired to help our medical practice to develop new website copy and get media attention for our new move and to spotlight our doctors. The website material was creative, thorough and encompassed all of the key points we wanted to hit. The press releases were done in a timely manner and through her contacts she was able to get some great media placements on television and in print.”

Judy Abbett, Director of Corporate Communications, LMI

“Sherry Frazier is a creative and strategic marketing expert with a strong focus on the customer. She has an amazing ability to translate complex systems into understandable English. Although not a designer, she a strong eye for design and makes an excellent project manager for the full range of marketing projects--from idea to implementation. Sherry treats your business as if it is her own. She is creative, engaging and thoughtful. She has a broad range of industry experience, focuses on building your business and, unlike many in her field, keeps the bottom line and sales as the top priorities. Plus she is a delightful person!”

Jon Aust, CEO, Network Access Solutions

“Sherry, was a very creative and professional asset which I had the pleasure of working with while building NAS. Sherry was able to handle all manner of project large and small in a very timely manner with great quality.”

Kathryn Sink

“Sherry is very professional in all of her dealings and her work is very creative. You will be very satisfied and your company will prosper if you work with Sherry.”

Tim Healy, Owner, Timothy Healy Photographer Inc.

“I was commissioned by Sherry Frazier at Frazier Public Relations to photograph a local literary artist under her management. She communicated well on the direction of the photo shoot as to what she needed to best position her client. A pleasure to work with, she is a very experienced and a professional business woman. I consider her a professional associate and a good friend.”

Karen Buckley, Sales Manager, Middleburg Life

“Sherry demonstrates the type of commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism every person wants from a PR manager, business associate and friend. I highly recommend her for any of these things.”

Bruce Burch, Administrative Director/ Music Business Program, University of Georgia, Country Music Hall of Fame, Creative Director, EMI Music Publishing

“Sherry is one of the warmest people I have met in the PR world. She works hard for her clients and is very professional yet personable at the same time. I highly recommend Sherry's work and hope to continue to be associated with her for many years.”

Carol Vacca, BNI board member.

“Sherry was hired by our BNI Association to market and promote our Open House to establish a higher membership. That was successfully done by her outstanding knowledge and understanding of the media world and how to go about placing a fantastic press release in the media, advised our group or how to follow up successfully and promote our Open House. We succeeded and with the Open House, 6 new members completed applications and were inducted the following month as new members. Sherry is an outstanding person with extensive experience and stellar writing abilities. I highly recommend her.”

Randy Courtney, Vice-President Marketing, Harris / Lanier

“Sherry, was invited to join the elite Harris/ Lanier Sales Training Team under my direction. Sherry was chosen because of her productivity as a sales representative and her leadership in our district office. Sales Training was the most important Marketing Job in our company. Sherry was always energetic, inspiring ,insightful, and could produce and present training material at the highest level. Sherry always received top evaluations from her students and peers. When our troops left a training session conducted by Sherry and her team, they were ready and prepared for the world of computer sales. She was and is a true professional.”

Tom McKeown, President/COO Aquire Solutions, Inc.

"I worked with Sherry in the training department at Lanier for two years. She is a very intelligent and energetic person who could easily command and hold an audience. Her insights and engagement would be a benefit to any organization.”

Mike Schmidtmann, Sales Manager, Harris / Lanier

“Sherry is a gifted trainer who energizes and inspires her classes. She teaches with enthusiasm and a positive, constructive approach. Sherry knows her stuff when it comes to sales and marketing, and everyone in her class enjoyed it and learned from the experience. She was one of the best trainers I ever saw at the Harris / Lanier training facility.”

David Wilk, National Sales Manager, Product Manager, Sales Trainer, Sales Representative, Harris /Lanier

“Sherry and I spent 18 months working side by side as National Sales Trainers for Harris/Lanier, and it was a privilege to work with Sherry. She was the one (in our group of four) who always came up with the ideas that kept our training sessions vigorous and up-to-date. I would recommend Sherry for any endeavor that could make use of her enthusiasm, her commitment, and her quick mind.”

Steve Testerman, President/CoFounder BROKERHUNTER.COM

“Sherry is a consummate professional, leader and team mate. Her work at Lanier was outstanding and she was always a positive contributor on every project that I was a part of...”

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